What is Naruto: Everlasting Dreams fanfic?

Some time ago, I got addicted of the Naruto world. Although I admire Masashi Kishimoto's work, I was a little disappointed in lack of some characters' presence, things which happened 'behind the panels', not showed in the manga nor anime, and the 'almighty' powers of the main heroes while the others were treated like a pawns on the chessboard: used only when needed. I wondered: 'What will happen if I fix it with my own ideas?' And so I tried to write some short stories about Naruto and his world. Then I found out that I have too many plans to write just a short novels. I started something serious and complicated. And now my fanfic grows bigger and bigger, feeding on the author's world and my imagination.

Why I named it 'Everlasting Dreams'? It was a short matter - when I think of Naruto, his friends and foes, I see the sea of dreams, plans, ideas, hopes... The spirit of the whole story is made of it, of the will of those who look further in the future and trust it. And as the time goes, all the thoughts are the same. With the chapters entitled as the one of the dreams, you'll learn what I mean.

Please, stay connected and look forward to my work. It's coming soon!

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